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From psychological dramas to broad comedy, Liz unearths the authentic universal truths of what it means to be striving for something - love, perfection, connection and trust.

Full scripts available on request. Please contact Liz.




Feature, Historical Drama, based on true events


In 1938, teenagers Jules Silberstein and Fanny Adler, along with 20,000 Jewish refugees, manage to escape the Nazi death camps and emigrate to the only port in the world open to the Jews: the bombed out, Japanese occupied port of Shanghai, China.

Strangers In Shanghai.jpeg

feature, Screwball / Romantic Comedy

(The Trip to Italy / It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World)


Six friends celebrate the very long engagement of Will and Kate with an all day “Amazing Race” - style competition during which the re-telling of the tale of how they met threatens to break up the anniversary couple… and everyone else.

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Feature – Erotic/Psychological Drama  (Whiplash / Black Swan) short proof of concept has won 30 film festival awards – currently with producer Ashley George


Uninspired and in her forties, celebrated photographer, Lana Freeman, searches for the elusive visual "perfect moment." When a young waitress saves her life, Lana is suddenly transformed: colors are more saturated; traffic noise becomes music; taste has more depth; Lana believes she has found her muse. But as she becomes more and more obsessed with the young woman, Lana pulls away from her husband, her work, and the people who love her, not realizing that the muse could destroy her life.

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Feature – Tragic Comedy/Drama (This is Where I Leave You / Margot at the Wedding). Based on a true story.


When Arnie, the iron-fist patriarch of the Silver family, suddenly ends up on life support, his wife and five adult children have to grapple with the F Word: Family. As old rivalries and hurts surface, Cher Silver, gay and intimacy phobic, ultimately discovers that true family is not made by blood but by choice.


Feature – Biopic/Drama Nicholl Fellowships Awards quarter finalist 2018, 2020 currently with producers Lora Kennedy (Land) and Cindy Tolan (If Beale Street Could Talk)

Based on new information from letters, diaries, and re-dated poetry. Far from being a shy recluse, Emily Dickinson was dynamic and romantic; an obsessive-compulsive whose passionate loves were women, including one who would eventually become her brother’s wife. Controlled by her domineering politician father at the brink of the Civil War, Emily’s inability to express her true sexual nature led to the most stunning and groundbreaking poetry this country has ever seen.

Trippy Emily.png

Feature - Action/Comedy (Lethal Weapon / The Heat) 

Handsome scoundrel and washed-up magician, JOHNNY SWEET, uses his magic act as a front for his other two hobbies: women and thievery. But when the CIA catches him red-handed he’s forced on a dangerous mission to China to steal a frightening new weapons technology. Unfortunately, the CIA also sends along Johnny’s ex-magic assistant, PEARL, Johnny’s pissed-off ex-wife. 

Abra Kaboom.png

Feature - Biopic/Drama  (The Help / Ray)

Based on the true untold story 

In the spring of 1941, eighteen high school girls in a jazz band at the Piney Woods School for underprivileged negro children, shockingly stole their school bus and instruments and fled with their chaperone from Mississippi to Washington D.C. to launch their professional careers as the first mixed race, all-girl big band in history: The International Sweethearts of Rhythm

sweethearts of rhythm.jpeg

A few Good Men, Chinatown

In 1985, when pipe bombs explode in Salt Lake City killing devout Mormons, Detective Ken Farnsworth, a Mormon himself, closes in on the killer and is shocked to discover lies and deception at the highest level of the Mormon Church.




TV pilot (half-hour) - Comedy (Californication” / In Treatment)

A nationally renowned lesbian sex therapist struggles with her own serious sex addiction while trying to hide it from her adoring public.

Dr Jonesing.png

TV pilot – Period/Drama (The Sopranos / Boys Don’t Cry)


Love, lust, murder  and swordplay in a kingdom long ago.


Limited series pilot – crime drama/action

(The Sopranos / Giri/Haji) A dark limited series about a hit woman for the Armenian mob in L.A.


A hit woman for the Armenian mob does their dirty business while hiding plenty of her own secrets. 

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