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Proof of Concept Short for Feature Film

Uninspired and in her forties, celebrated photographer, Lana Freeman, searches for the elusive visual "perfect moment." When a young waitress saves her life, Lana believes she has found the perfect muse. But as she becomes more and more obsessed with the young woman Lana pulls away from her husband, her work, and the people who love her, not realizing that the muse could destroy her life.

Starring: Angela Sarafyan~Christina Chang~Michelle C. Bonilla~Roy Lee Jones

The Buzz About pin-up



“ … a well oiled thriller”

“…the touch of a Brian De Palma film”

~ Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival

FilmJennifer Maher
Getting to Know You

A romantic comedy about sex, intimacy, lesbians… and the value of getting to know someone first!

WINNER - 9 film festival awards including: ~HBO Award @ Miami film festival ~Best Short @ Barcelona international Gay and Lesbian film festival

Starring: Elizabeth Keener ~Dana Delaney ~Ian Gomez ~Ann Ramsay ~Meghan Cavanaugh

The Buzz About Getting to Know You

Peeling the lid on lesbian romancing, Getting To Know You, deftly directed by Liz Lachman and a deserving winner of the HBO Best Audience Short at the recent Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, is a riotous screwball comedy with oodles of wit, charm and panache.
— Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Carol Coombes-Program Director
Captivating a totally-ready-for-prime-time comedy about the romantic misadventures of an Angelena cartoonist (the captivating Elizabeth Keener, sister of Catherine) in search of her dream girl (gorgeous ER paramedic Michelle C. Bonilla).
— The Advocate - Anne Stockwell-Senior Arts and Entertainment Editor

FilmJennifer Maher
Global Ingredients

Chef Susan Feniger talks about unusual global ingredients and how to use them. It’s a crash course!


"Celebrity Chef Susan Feniger talks about what  it is and how to use these unusual and sometimes frightening ingredients!”

"Travel the world and learn how to make three different sauces with Chef Susan Feniger!”

FilmJennifer Maher
Chef Tips

Chef Susan Feniger shows you how to cook…without speaking a word!

Liz Chef Tips.jpg

“Tip: Very important to have your dog stick his head up in the middle of the shoot!”

Tip - “Make sure to wear all of your bracelets and rings when performing this task!”

FilmJennifer Maher
Being Silver

BEING SILVER – feature screenplay

Liz - Being Silver.png

When ARNIE, the iron-fisted patriarch of the Silver family, suddenly ends up on life support his wife and five children have to grapple with the truth: their family is that guy hanging off the balcony by one hand... and his fingers are slipping. 

While PHYLLIS tries to honor her husband’s living will and take him off of life support, the siblings’ old rivalries and hurts surface. What, after all, is family?  FRANCIE, her father’s favorite, is grief stricken as she consults Tarot and the spirits. SAMUEL, an ultra-orthodox Jew, tackles his anger issues the way any moral god-fearing man would: he threatens to sue his mother and the hospital for murder. Sweet-natured ROBBIE, the middle child, “the glue,” has collapsed with AIDS and VICTORIA, the youngest, does what babies do best...sees what she’ll inherit. It leaves CHER, intimacy-phobic with commitment issues to do what feels natural: run for her life. But by sticking through it all and facing her deepest fears, Cher ultimately discovers that true family is not made by blood but by choice. And sometimes that means letting go of the past and grabbing onto the future…gently, very gently.

FilmJennifer Maher