No Escape

So here’s the thing. It’s Love the Sinner Not the Sin time. You might think I’m referring to myself, the “I don’t like to do anything dangerous or eat any foods that could kill me” person as The Sinner. I’m not. The Sinner is my adored partner of 20 years, celebrity chef Susan Feniger.  “No Escape” follows my heel marks being dragged around the globe as I accompany her on her never-ending search for the best street food and cultural adventures to enrich her mind and the menus of her many restaurants: Border Grill, Mud Hen Tavern, and Susan Feniger’s Street.         

As Susan has the time of her life I’m usually miserable, committing foreign faux pas and counting the hours until our return to air conditioning. But I love that little chef o’ mine, so rather than ruin her fun by complaining and (in some cases) bursting into tears, I vent my stress in the form of written essays so as not to disrupt the flow in the bubble that is “the wonderful world of Susan Feniger.” And that, my friend, is the definition of “what I did for love.”

No Escape.jpg
WrittenJennifer Maher