What People Are Saying…

The Buzz About: “PIN-UP”

“Beautifully done. I was floored by how much of a punch you can pack in so short an amount of time. Love, love, loved it. My mommy issues and I thank you!”

— Indian Cine Film Festival

A short film full of scale and personality- is just a plain old fantastic joy to experience. Lachman’s direction, which finds a creative way to deliver each of her scenes, keeps the film from becoming a one note tragedy. I’m quite jealous of this project.
— Monkey Bread Tree Awards

Pin-Up is a distinctly modern tale of tale of sensual awakening whose muse hearkens to another era.

“captivating” and “mesmerizing.”
— Tracy Gilchrist of THE ADVOCATE

Pin-Up … is a well-oiled thriller …has the touch of a Brian De Palma film in particular with its red room sequences, and twisted ending… but also grasps a stronghold of importance in its character’s inner workings, …something I can’t recall being done all that well since “Laurel Canyon” by director Lisa Cholodenko.

All in all, Pin-Up seems to tiptoe between its genre and styles, and ultimately serves up a lean meal which can be viewed and enjoyed more than once both for its performances, content and chutzpa…which is really something that can only be said of a few short films.
— Monkey Bread Tree Awards

The Buzz About: “Getting to Know You”

Captivating a totally-ready-for-prime-time comedy about the romantic misadventures of an Angelena cartoonist (the captivating Elizabeth Keener, sister of Catherine) in search of her dream girl (gorgeous ER paramedic Michelle C. Bonilla).
— The Advocate - Anne Stockwell-Senior Arts and Entertainment Editor

Peeling the lid on lesbian romancing, Getting To Know You, deftly directed by Liz Lachman and a deserving winner of the HBO Best Audience Short at the recent Miami Gay &; Lesbian Film Festival, is ariotous screwball comedy with oodles of wit, charm and panache.
— Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Carol Coombes-Program Director

The film is hilarious, the actors have spot on comedic timing, and the production values are outstanding. My only regret is that Ms. Liz Lachman did not make this one into a feature-length film. I hope our audience does not to have to wait too long to see her next film.
— Out Far! Phoenix Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - Amy B. Ettinger-Festival Director

The casting for this film is probably the best I have ever seen in a gay/lesbian film…Regardless of sexual identity, everybody can relate to the situations and characters.
— Nashville’s Church Street Freedom Press - David Hamilton

Blending animation and live-action, this hilarious short about a lonely cartoonist who’s unlucky at love was as big a hit with male viewers as it was with women.
A sensational cast and hilarious dialogue puts this at the front of the pack. I really want Liz to do a feature now
— Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Todd Camp- Q Cinema Artistic Director