27 Jan Susan Feniger. FORKED.

HELLO A documentary feature film following well known celebrity chef Susan Feniger down the rabbit hole as she struggles to bring her life-long love for global street food to Los Angeles. As glitches and snags escalate it will take a gathering of her wits, forces, and fortitude to create a brand new concept in a restaurant called Street. ...

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01 Oct PIN UP – feature – erotic / psychological horror

Pulitzer-winning photographer, Lana Freeman, still searches for the visual “perfect moment” she captured on film in her twenties. Now in her forties, though one of the most successful photographers in the world, Lana is frustrated and uninspired. When a young waitress pushes her from the path of a moving car, Lana's life is suddenly transformed: beauty and art blossom but she becomes compulsively obsessed with the mysterious young woman, crowning her as “muse.” Like an addict, Lana pulls away from her husband and the people who love her to follow her muse down the rabbit hole into a world filled...

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01 Oct NO ESCAPE: my horrible food travels with Susan Feniger…a love story

So here’s the thing. It’s Love the Sinner Not the Sin time. You might think I’m referring to myself, the “I don’t like to do anything dangerous or eat any foods that could kill me” person as The Sinner. I’m not. The Sinner is my adored partner of 20 years, celebrity chef Susan Feniger. “No Escape” follows my heel marks being dragged around the globe as I accompany her on her never-ending search for the best street food and cultural adventures to enrich her mind and the menus of her many restaurants: Border Grill,...

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15 Jul Being Silver

When ARNIE, the iron fisted patriarch of the Silver family, suddenly ends up on life support his wife and five children have to grapple with the truth: their family is that guy hanging off the balcony by one hand; and his fingers are slipping.   While PHYLLIS tries to honor her husband’s living will and take him off of life support, the siblings’ old rivalries and hurts surface. What, after all, is family? FRANCIE, her father’s favorite, is grief stricken as she consults Tarot and the spirits. SAMUEL, an ultra-orthodox Jew, tackles his anger issues the way any moral god-fearing...

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